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Candor Dennis

Think Design! (The Nuggets)

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Actually its called "Design Thinking"

2020 was a very engaging year for me... Did i forget to mention i spoke at one of the biggest developer festivals? (DEVFEST except, it was remote).

That year opened my eyes to one of the most beautiful aspects of my journey in the world of technology!

"See the world through the eyes of others" This, they said was Design Thinking

Well, i found so much more. Design Thinking is so much more.. It is a human centred approach to solving problems. Design thinking does actually involve putting yourself in the shoes of your client, your customer, the person your'e creating this mind blowing solution for!

By extension it does require seeing the world through their eyes, but im not talking about a biology class for opticians.. im talking about straight up brainstorming sessions, sessions where unanswered questions are revealed, sessions where the "make this product" phrase.. first becomes "why do you need this product"

Design thinking keeps you in the wonderland (not like Alice this time), yes it just makes you think, most times long and hard, because you first want to know and understand before you design and create.

This activity affords you by far the opportunity to be innovative and to design for the end user... not just the customer who is paying that bill. Design thinking is wrapped around desirability, technological feasibility and market viability

Hold on!!

Im not trying to make this complex, for i will pour my heart out when i can.

To think Design is to know, to think Design is to feel, to understand, to challenge assumptions and to create innovative solutions.. The end goal is always to be creative.

If you create products, if you design systems, if you build solutions, become a design thinker.

Nuggets are of course always very small, with this ill increase your thirst and im sure to quench them soon.

I am Dennis Candor... And i am a Design Thinker!

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